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MJ Art Studio showcases artworks and paintings of Nicole Wang, an artist from Canada. Her artworks range from portraits, flowers in acrylic and watercolors. She dedicates the majority of her artworks in Michael Jackson paintings and portraits. Her Michael Jackson artworks have been exhibited in online galleries as well as in United States. She have been commissioned to do personal portraits as well. Nicole's works are truly unique and exceptional, emphasizing in details and colors. The Michael Jackson portraits were all created using watercolors.
michael jackson paintings One of Nicole's favorite artwork, titled "You Are My Life" was created using watercolors on paper. This painting portrays MJ in his typical uniform style outfit. It is one of the many artworks of Michael Jackson that she created.
Nicole is a self taught artist. She uses mainly watercolors in all her portrait paintings. She loves the transaparency and the fluidity of the medium, resulting in soft and colorful paintings. She also enjoys acrylic paintings, mainly flowers, birds and landscapes. Her acrylic paintings are bright and colorful, with texture. Her 9 year old daughter, Michelle, follows in her footsteps. She has started to produce her own artworks, mainly drawings of animals and origami.
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Featuring some of Nicole's favorite artworks. Click to view the paintings in details.
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